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Windshield Repair 





The Best Glass Chip Repair

With the influx of gravel trucks in our area due to the constant construction and all the road work, it’s not at all uncommon to be driving down the road and have a rock flung at your windshield at a high velocity. It’s almost impossible to live in a work area and not get some sort of chip or crack in your windshield. When your car gets dinged by a rock, a golf ball, or any other flying object, contact our team at Done Right. We’re experts at chip repair and can help fill your chipped windshield before it splinters or cracks and requires a full replacement.

We use only the highest-quality resins and guarantee our work for as long as you own your car. We’re also very affordable and can fill most chips or cracks in under thirty minutes. In fact, many auto insurances offer to cover chip Repair for free under your policy.

See for yourself why Done Right is the premier auto glass repair specialists. Book appointment or contact our team today and let us help put your auto glass problems in the rear-view mirror.

We help you get back on the road faster and with more money in your pocket. we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with Auto Glass Repair services

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